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Pizza Hub è un progetto di Viatoribus 

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Ethical manifesto

The PIZZA HUB project aims to promote redevelopment of the local agricultural system into a paradigm of sustainability and innovation in environmental, economic, social and territorial terms.

We are artisans, owners of agritourism businesses and bed and breakfasts, farmers and entrepreneurs, men and women who live and work in the Alto Casertano area. We believe in the balanced and sustainable development of our land, we believe in a future in which our hills and mountains can represent, both nationally and internationally, an organic model for tourism development and above all a place where it is not only possible, but profitable, to live and reside, a place to repopulate. We cultivate the future through innovation, authenticity, sharing and competence.

1. The innovation we aim to build is based on quality, sharing and the transfer of knowledge, starting from the real needs of the communities and recognising the dignity of both academic and material knowledge.


2. The regenerative processes we propose are based on a complexity analysis and an awareness of acting within a culture of limit. They are based on a harmonious vision of the world in which everything is interconnected and in which every human action has an effect and an impact on ecosystems. We are aware that only by persevering in this direction can we build development for all.


3. We act in the awareness that the key value that unites us is our respect for biodiversity and for people. We intend to express the best of our territory by enhancing the wealth of knowledge and experience of each individual. We want to communicate the “clean” philosophy through the media and through our own testimony. In this regard, we will actively denounce those who pollute and reprimand those who harm or damage the environment.


4. We work with enthusiasm to ensure that our communities can express their potential by promoting the creation and organisation of civil economy networks whose end goal is not to get onto the market or increase profits.


5. Our way of producing embodies seriousness, attention and respect for the tradition of the territory, not only as identity heritage, but as a stimulus for the activation of local, participatory, collective, and multidimensional intellect. We believe that not solely narrating but overlapping experiences is an essential element in any process of redeveloping the present.


6. We cultivate the values ​​of remaining and resilience not as a trendy cliché, but as a civil passion, an expression of love and devotion for the land that welcomes and nourishes us. We intend to sensitise local administrators to ecological culture and mobility.


7. Our approach to agriculture and the territory starts from the protection and defence of the soil resource, a common and non-renewable good, also in terms of the prevention and mitigation of hydrogeological events and as an opportunity to rethink and sustainably regenerate the entire agricultural sector. Through our actions, the objectives of safeguarding the landscape resource and the protection of the territory appear crystal clear as an essential requirement for lasting community development. We believe in raising awareness among the younger generations and we promote civic education activities in schools.


8. We wish to place our willing, our competence and our tenacity at the service of the territory in order to support its development, understood as a series of activities including analysis, evaluation, programming, regulation, control and monitoring of its uses and transformations. Pursuing sustainability, equity and cooperation of the social and economic system, and the fulfilment of the fundamental rights of current and future generations relating in particular to health, inclusion, housing and work.


9. We believe in the enormous hospitality potential of the local communities in which we live, we intend to enhance and promote tourism while at the same time ensuring that their citizens have access to basic services and strengthening their sense of community, with particular attention to children, the elderly and the most vulnerable.


10. The network has found a symbol in Pizza as a unique product formed by the exaltation of the work of individuals, in the same way that the contribution of each individual adherent is valued in our project and we are convinced that this is the only way to generate the change of paradigm that we hope for.

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